Case Studies

Case study 1 - retail company

We worked closely with a well-known retail company and helped them introduce Six Thinking Hats as a module on their development programme for senior managers.

Following the course, feedback showed that this was the element of the programme that the managers found most useful and effective.

Now three months on, when managers meet they have a way of running meetings that allows them to make better decisions, eradicate arguments, and overcome political difficulties - in about half the time!

Six Thinking Hats is now in the process of being rolled out to the rest of the organisation.

Case Study 2 -government agency

A government agency came to us concerned that their recruitment policy was based too much on gut instinct and not enough on practical data.

We used Belbin Team Profiling to profile both the job and the shortlisted candidates. We were then able to advise what questions to ask at interview, who would be best for the role, and how they could be supported in the position.

We also worked with existing teams to improve relationships and performance.

This is now an ongoing process and all successful candidates are exceeding expectations.

Case Study 3 - Investors in People in the public sector

A public sector client asked us to carry out a health check in advance of their re-accreditation as Investors in People. Since their last re-assessment, they had taken over responsibility for another part of the organisation which had not been previously accredited.

Our task was twofold: to review the existing part of the organisation, and a detailed check on the new part of the organisation.

Our thorough report showed that the two parts of the organisation were at different stages of readiness. It also revealed the differences between the merged organisations. This allowed our client to identify the work that was needed to bring the two cultures in line, as well as highlighting the areas where training and development were needed to meet the Investors in People standard.

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