Belbin Team Profiling

- How do different types of behaviour affect your team?

- Is your team well-balanced?

- What are your team's strengths and weaknesses?

- Do the members of your team trust each other?

- How do you put a team together?

The answers to these questions, and more, can be discovered using Belbin Team Profiling.

How Belbin Team Profiling works

Belbin Team Profiling (developed by Dr Meredith Belbin) identifies nine different clusters of behaviour and looks at how those different roles can influence a team.

These roles include:

- Implementer: reliable, delivers on time, motivated, takes ideas and makes them happen

- Teamworker: good listener, keeps things going, non-confrontational, co-operative

- Specialist: has knowledge and skills in abundance, constantly improving

How we use Belbin Team Profiling

We'll ask each member of your team to complete a questionnaire about themselves and their colleagues. Once the data has been gathered we'll create a profile for each member of the team, and the team as a whole. Working with your team we can decide what changes need to be made and how change can be achieved.  

Using Belbin Team Profiling for recruitment

Belbin Team Profiling is a useful tool for the recruitment process. As well as profiling the candidates - and even knowing what questions to ask in the interview - the job itself can be profiled. The Belbin Team Profile reveals who is the best person for the position and what support that person will need in the role.

See our Belbin Team Profiling for recruitment case study.

The benefits of using Belbin Team Profiling

- It identifies strengths and weaknesses in your team

- It helps you get the balance right in your team

- Team members have a greater understanding of the contribution made by others

- It increases team performance

Find out how Belbin Team Profiling could benefit your team by calling us now on 01670 762083 or emailing us.

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